Who is inside this magical lamp full of genies?

Headmaster Shawn McNabb of the Illinois Public Schools District is about to transport to Wishville and prepares to meet Wishaam and his nemesis ElectroGenie as he arrive in his townhouse - because his wife and two sons are receiving more wishes from those jinns in the coming years.

"Wish Cap Throckmorton, Sean, Principal Sturm and the rest of the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School classmates are studying genie warfare," says Shawn.

Deborah McNabb replies, "Sure, jinns come in the form of human beings or animals; however, Wishaam continues his neverever quest to create strange genie-changing worlds."

Shawn points out, "Everything you grab the HDTV remote control, a new djinn will come out and grant you 100 wishes.

This remote control releases the genie with just the touch of  the button."

"I'll just turn the high definition TV on with my remote control," says Deb.

As soon as Deb McNabb turns on the remote, the zappable genie Vuerchanjer appears.


Vuerchanjer come out of the remote control and shakes her right hand.

"Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. McNabb," Vuerchanjer greets.

Shawn asks, "What are you doing with my remote?"

"I want you to meet Vuerchanjer, who can program my brain and grant me and you nine wishes," answers Deb.

"Stay away from your HDTV set," Vuerchanjer warns.

"I am the genie in remote control-shaped form."

"Vuerchanjer," asks Shawn, "do the Brandmeier Elementary genie researchers investigate jinn-changing havoc on a mission to fulfill spiritual truce?"

"Yes," Vuerchanger answers Shawn and Deb the response.

"I am granting you and Deb nine wishes to fulfill your higher standards of imagination."

"Wishaam's next mission is to transform me into any contraption, animal, jinn or other objects that could appeal to me.

"Tell me what Wishaam, Commissioner Doomadary and ElectroGenie are up to," Deb says.

"My wish is simple," Vuerchanjer replies. "With the spells on these buttons, I, Vuerchanjer, will grant you and Shawn any wish your husband fulfills instantly."

"Vuerchanjer," Shawn says, "I wish I am a channel surfer gun."

"Vuerchanjer shouts, "Wishaam."

The puff of genie smoke turns Shawn into a channel surfing gun, which Deb picks off the floor and holds this fulfillment weapon as soon as Vuerchanger sits back in the couch.