Superintendent Broadrix is about to reveal a dangerous jinn conspiracy, as Wishaam searches for more jinns coming out of the lamp in the years to come. One of the most intriguing mysteries of life is the aspiration affecting his secret life - and Principal Sturm is surprised with the jinn's capture.

"There you are," the Globber tells Broadrix his most life-changing conspiracy yet.

"As your slime-oozing genie, you'll make 11 wishes within your lifetime," says the Globber.

"I wish there are some articles of genie attribution - weapons that allow me to change into every imaginable object I can imagine," Broadrix says.

"Wishaam," the Globber shouts loudly, squirting genie slime at Superintendent Broadrix.


Broadrix can change into any object - magic lamps, animals, automobiles, disintegration vehicles, etc.



And again... Poof!

Wish Cap Broderick, Sean and Throck run to the Globber and tell the slimy genie three wishes.

"I wish Throckmorton and I changing into genie blaster burp guns receiving smoke and fire as far as 1,000 feet."

"You'll always get your wish," replies the Globber.

Then the Globber yells, "Wishaam!"

Poof! There they go! 

Principal Sturm walks up to the Globber and tells the slime-shooting jinn the truth.

"Why are you carrying the Slime Revolver Gun?" asks Principal Sturm.

"I, the Globber, will grant any wish at your command with my Slime Revolver Gun. To me, granting wishes and meeting new villainous jinns could be crucial to the imaginations of those seeking inspiration and aspiration to the 75th power. As your genie, I will experience the perils of meeting new genies when you rub the sinister magic lamp full of spell shapes and mysterious spell particles creating 'jinn havoc' in Wishville. Superintendent Broadrix is changing object after object with magical genie slime, which can turn him into many items that he desires."

"Fortunately, Wishaam and his jinn sidekick ElectroGenie are tracking down the creation of jinns formed by fire and smoke coming from the lamp," Principal Sturm tells the Globber how Wishaam mysteriously changes jinns into supernatural wish-granting heroes.

"What are these, Globber?" asks Principal Sturm.

Says the Globber: "These genie master blaster burp guns are designed to deployed tiny supernatural wish bolts and could fire up to 500 feet."

"I'd like to grant one wish on a daily basis," Principal Sturm replies.