"Majiktrikster, I have proposed everyone in the City of Chicago another of Wishaam's missions - and begin another chapter in the ongoing world of Wishville."

"You play 'Wishball,'" says Majiktrikster.

"Chief Holkomb, I convince you to rub the magic lamp and let the Globster grant you as many wishes as he can because the Globster is the highest common slime-infused jinn to shoot streams of imagination with his Glob Gun.

A few splats of slime will turn you into every simple object ever known to man; and your wish is my command when it comes to Wishaam firing wish bolts containing genie smoke.

"Regardless of whoever makes a wish, I, Majiktrikster, will attempt to create new jinn villains in my quest to spiritually

conceive bizarre jinn nemesises and other genies with the wave of a magic want."

"You are are genie in the form of a magic wand," says Chief Holkomb.

Majiktrikster replies, "At your command, I, Majiktrikster, will transform you into any object - regardless of who is appearing and reappearing before your eyes. With the wave of a magic wand, I can zap you into anything imaginable.

Wishaam, Wishgun and ElectroGenie will guise you through the magical world of genies as we know them as weird spirits - the heroes of spiritual combat."

"I'm in good hands with Wishaam," says Chief Holkomb.

As the Globster comes out of the sinister magic lamp, Majiktrikster introduces Chief Holkomb to the slimiest jinn who has been firing goo at every man, woman and child.

"With my Glob Gun," the Globster proposes to Chief Holkomb and Majiktrikster, "you are prepared for jinn supremacy by shooting slime at him, while Chief Holkomb turns himself into a disintegration gun."

"Wishaam," the Globster shouts as he fires slime at Chief Holkomb, turning him into a genie-shaped disintegration gun

capable of shooting a stream of electro-magnetic bolts of magic at anyone granting wishes at any time.

"Good morning, Globster," says Chicago Police Department rookie Jim Braine. "You are about to grant me a wish."

"Right, Jim," says the Globster.

"Superintendent Broadrix is confident Wishaam and his jinn sidekicks ElectroGenie and Wishgun willsend out streams of conscience, curiosity and exploration through the magic of the lamp."

Jim asks, "What wishes do I bring to Chicagoland now that the inhabitants of Wishville are seeking new adventures in jinn warfare?"

The Globster tells Jim the conspiracies concerning genie creation and the development of strange jinn worlds.

"The answer is simple, Officer Braine. I, the Globster, will fire slime at everyone in Chi-Town when they get their wish to thank Wishaam for creating mystic genies and the impact they have - because I'm shooting a few globs of slime at you with my Glob Gun."