C.ommissioner Doomadary is waiting advice from Wishaam concerning Principal Sturm's latest journeys - and how these missions continue to create havoc in Wishville.

"Truth is," ElectroGenie confronts, "Wishaam is in full force with a slew of missions concerning the development of jinns and the spiritual conspiracies involving the Brandmeier Elementary colleagues."

"You are ruining Wishville," says Commissioner Doomadary. "My wishes are your command."

As Wishaam reappears, ElectroGenie tells the truth.

"Doomadary, watch out..."

"Now I've found you, Commissioner Doomadary," Wishaam says.

"My mission is to fulfill the wishes of children who attend the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School, the only educational institution devoted to genie research, as the kids learn to become better anthropoligists by discovering invisible spirits in the form of many objects who grant one wish a day for many years to come.

"ElectroGenie and I are granting wishes to those students who learn something new about jinns and the history of the djinn itself. My spiritual missions are being created by jinns in their own image as they turn Principal Sturm and his team of genie wizards into several objects - and a new generation of genies will appear right out of their lamps. The reasons for granting wishes are as important to the inhabitants of Wishville as they are to the jinns who create bizarre, supernatural worlds