"Prepare for arrest, Globber," says Sgt. Brainer of the Chicago Police Department.

"Now you know how to get back to Wishville as I fire jinnetic slime at Superintendent Sturm," Globber tells Sgt. Brainer the truth.

Meanwhile in Wishville, Oathar stares at Wishaam, saying, "Oh, Wishaam, Globber is back within a few days.

"You notice how magical I am at granting wishes with speed and lightning-fast teleportation - my dear friend ElectroGenie would be proud of this imaginative situation!""

"You are a magnificent genie in crosshair form," says Wishaam.

"Yes," Othar replies.

"As I rub the magic lamp, I, Wishaam, along with my jinn sidekick ElectrGenie, will possess the power of Boltzon, a djinn with the ability to stop Globber from squirting genie slime at me and the entire Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School Class of '17."

Soon, the steam would come out of the sinister magic lamp of secrets; and later, with flames and smoke appearing - poof! - Boltzon makes his first invisible appearance in the shape of an electrical jolt.

With a robotic male human voice, Boltzon asks, "Are you ready to explore mystical new planets of wishing?"

"Wishaam answers, "Sure. However, with my arms folded in perpetuity, I will follow you on more pararell worlds of genie-changing adventure."