Who will get everyone's wish? Mysterious forces surrounding Superintendent Broadrix read his fellow classmates' heads altogether, as Wishaam stares at the crystal ball of endless possibilities.

"Behold the Brandmeier Class of '14," Wishaam points out.

"Prepare for me to grant wishes to everyone in Wishville vying for experiencing the realm of the genies."

"I bet Superintendent Broadrix will have the power to make a wish," ElectroGenie confronts.

"Broadrix," Wishaam announces, "you will receive the secret wishes transcending you and all your Brandmeier Elementary School colleagues through the magic of the lamp."

"Believe me," Superintendent Broadrix tells Wishaam a secret, "for the time being, you, Wishaam, will grant me one of the wishes found inside the lamp for as long as I live."


"Hey, Wishaam! I am a lunchbox!" shouts Superintendent Broadrix.

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