50th Milestone Wiki Page: Deliberating MacBrainer60th Wishaam Wiki Article: The Secret of Abracadaboom,A Man with a Passion for Wishing
A Secret Genie Fantasy for Superintendent BroadrixAttack of the MachitraptionsBattlePump
Beware of the Globber!Damsel in EncouragementDisintegr8ion
Disintegrating Genies Attacking Superintendent SturmDo You Believe in Majiktrickster?Dubious Warfare
EmpowermentEnemy of the JyesFiring Back O'er 'n' O'er Again
Firing SquadronationFollow Me, Superintendent!G.I.Z.A.R.R.E
Gathering of the JinnsGlobber's DilemmaGlobber Caught in the Crossfire
GumShoe Integrates InphusionIntervening the Jinn Mystique - Part 1 of 2Invading Mr. Throckmorton's Space
Let's Battle the MystiqueMaterialize the MystiqueMeet Thrusssshhher
Mike's Bad-News JinnMysterious Corpses Invading WishvilleMysterious Ogrenies Battle the Forces of Spiritual Adversary
New Genies and Foes in the Wishaam WikiNew Wishaam Novels Coming from Disney HyperionNew Wishaam Wiki Arc: Tyranny of the Desolatantists
Secrets of the Djinn MystiqueSnarkalatorSpiritual Banter from a Master Genie
The BlufferThe Desolation of XenagraThe Dream of the Deramerythologyist
The Kice Storm - ConclusionThe Kice Storm - Part 2 of 3The Kice Strom
The Magical Genie ExpeditionThe Magician Who Becomes a Star ShooterThe Power Conservatory
The Secret of GumShoeThe Secret of the OathThe Taming of Ceregoon
The Tyranny Man Gives Broadrix His 25 WishesThe Wish GunThe Wish Gun:Part 4 of 7 - Embrace Jinn Apprehension
The Wish Gun: AttributionThe Wish Gun: ConclusionThe Wish Gun: Part 2 of 7 - The Secret Wish Troopers
The Wish Gun: Part 3 of 7 - No Place to Return HomeThe Wish Gun: Sandamn's Next Stand - Part 6 of 7Today's Genies
Tyranny of the DesolatantistsUnraveling the Tyranny of Genie WarfareWISHAAM Wiki 45th Arc: Tyranny Men
What Wishes May Come AroundWhen the Blinking StoppedWhen the Blinking Stopped, Part 2
Wishaam!Wishaam's Mission - Begin the Jinn BrigadeWishaam's Secret Weapon
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Wishaam Wiki Genies of the DayZapp'r and the Masters of Wishaam's DomainZoneMan
File:BASEketball - Beers Vs. DefendersFile:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi The Genie And The Amp (VG) (2006) - Nintendo DSFile:How to make garlic pasteFile:Jinn
File:PAC-MAN THE GENIE OF PAC-DADFile:P 1338918625.jpgFile:Planes (2013) - Bonus Clip Learn to Draw Dusty
File:The Million Second Quiz Contestant Line Interview 6File:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png

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