Principal Sturm and his team of Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School genie studies classmates confronting over djinn warfare are concearned with the power of wishing, and Wishaam and his sidekick ElectroGenie are getting the ogrenies in trouble granting genie-creation wishes to the jinn villains having trouble transforming spiritually.

ElectroGenie tells Wishaam some secrets of granting wishes to the life-changing Class of '17.

"Do ogrenies zap wishes at the genie-wizard class of 2017?"

Wishaam says, "Yes."

"Wishaam!" he says in a loud voice as he fires wish-granting bolts at all the genie-investigating students turning into jinn guns, which pump huge bolts of imagination and self-discovery at each other's elementary school colleagues.

"I wish I am Sheriff Sturm the Ogre!" shouts Principal Sturm.

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! And again! And again!

"You slimeball you!" Superintendent Broadrix shouts and runs away from Sheiff Sturm the Ogre.

"I, Sheriff Sturm, an ogre genie, will grant you a wish with my whipgun!"

With the pull of a trigger, Sheriff Sturm the Ogre spins a magical wishing whip at Superintendent Broadrix and - poof! - the superintendent becomes a flying steampunk revolver jinn blaster pump gun.

"With the pull of the steampunk genie blaster pump gun," Superintendant Broadrix replies, " all of you jinn wizzards

will always get all their wishes! Wishaam!"

As the floating jinn blaster pump gun shoots tiny electrical wish bolts at the Brandmeier Elementary class of '17, huge flashes of wonder are granted to the genie investigators, transforming them into various ogre genie law enforcers who battle jinn adversaries.