So, as Wishville prepares for the next battle of the jinns, Principal Sturm is believed to grant Xenagra three wishes to retain his wealth.

"I am granting three wishes in an effort to stimulate genie incarnation," says Xenagra.

"I wish I am a jinn integration generator." Principal Sturm always get his first wish.

Xenagra shouts, "Wishaam!"

The jinn integration generator, with seven concealed genie-creation guns and an electro-magnetic wishing probe wand featuring a crossfire-shaped tip, stimulates and generates a bunch of mysterious genie foes transforming them into new jinns of all objects and creatures.

Throck, Sean and Dave Kleppe, an eight-year-old Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School fifth grader, are searching for more jinns to be incarnated by the jinn integration generator.

As Xanagra grabs Dave by his shoulders, the arrow-shapped jinn asks, "Do you know where is the jinn intergration generator?"

Dave answers, "Believe me, Principal Sturm turned himself into the jinn integration generator; and, since transporting my fellow Brandmeier Elementary School colleagues and their genie wizards to a wish-granting world durning their first three years, you, Xenagra, will transform me into several genie-creation generator command center tanks, having developed a whole new generation of djinns.

"I wish I am a genie incarnation generator tank."

"Wishaam!" Xenagra cries. A couple puffs of electro-magnetic smoke turns Dave into a genie generator tank, which fires several gigantic puffs of jinn fire. As the genie incarnation generator tank begins pumping djinn fire and smoke out of its integration guns, a new generation of jinn villains in the form of contraptions, firearms, wish generator guns and other mechanical and mythical objects and creatures is about to be created, then change into newer genies. Xenagra is assured Wishaam, Wishgun and ElectroGenie prepare for an even enlarged generation of djinn villains attempting to create new worlds of wishing and changing genies, once and for all.

Prof. Crossman tell Wishaam why many genies are created by djinn generation.

"I am turning newer genies into several jinns changing toward several newly generated villains created by magic lamps," Wishaam says.

"Commissioner Doomadary will follow me, ElectroGenie and Xenagra as I begin a new era in the creation of wish-granting lands where genies develop jinn-changing assignments designed to explore strange, mythical worlds of jinns."