Kice points his wish-granting Plaatuu Freeze Gun at various locations around Wishville and shouts, "Wishaam!"

He zaps wish bolts at Superintendent Sturm, turning him and his boy-wizard students into ice-storm cannons, which threaten to transform Wishville into Iceville.

"I'm about to turn all of your rival inhabitants into countless weather-predicting gunnery!" Kice warns.


"I, Kice, will grant freezin' wish bolts at the entire Village of Wishville... leaving this strange world of genie-creation combat frozen in time for Christmas!"


"Boom! There goes several blasts of wishing granted by Kice with his Plaatuu Freeze Gun.

"Boom!" Kice fires many more electro-mechanical wish bolts throughout Wishville.

Wishaam intends to stop Wishville from the icy snowstorm in a matter of days and tells Kice, "Alright, you weather-zapping dude! I have at least a couple days to fight off winter snowstorms at a moment's notice."