As fire and smoke burst, GumShoe meets Wishaam at Myxxyque, a secret village in Wishville, near the Jinn Tomb. Here, GumShoe tells Wishaam and ElectroGenine his story:

"I am concealing the secrets of jinns by granting as many wishes as you can say, 'Behold the jinn's secret ability to break the wishng spell - transferring human being into objects of everyday life.'

"I, GumShow, will deliver the good news by experiencing transformative wishing by zapping Principal Throckmorton into any object which will be of significant spiritualism through the power of the djinn inside the magic lamp."

Wishaam says, "Here in Myxxyque, the genie inhabitants change into many jinns of all shapes, sizes and objects - regardless of how Superinterdent Sturm believes in the magic of the human spirit..."

"Wishaam!" shouts GumShoe loudly. As GumShoe turns Principal Throckmorton into a Jinn Probe Rifle, ElectroGenie, Wishaam's jinn sidekick, shows his fellow djinn the power to transform humans into countless objects.