Havoc is about to begin. Sandamn begins his incoming journey as Prof. Gunnington rubs his magic genie pump lamp

- the steam starts to get bigger and bigger when the flashing lamp spells are revealed; and the smoke is turned into sand. When Sandamn exits the pump lamp, Wishaam braces for the next genie to evolve into any jinn object. The sand-clad genie says, "Gunnington, your fellow Brandmeier Elementary School genie students will begin their many wonderful genie-related worlds beyond your wildrest dreams!"

"I thought you are completely made of sand," Prof. Gunnington assesses.

"Yes," Sandamn replies. "I will turn myself into a variety of creatures, weapons, machines, animals, motor vehicles, wish guns, pimp guns, and simply many other objects big, little, medium, large, small and so forth."

"Sandamn, it's such an incredibly whimsical imagination, and I can expect you to transform you into any genie object within a matter of centuries."

"You're in command!" says Sandamn.

"Sandamn must control his genie-creation efforts in his attempt to transform Sean, Throck, Mr. Sturm and Mr. Broadrix into any object for as long as they travel," ElectroGenie says.

"ElectroGenie, help Sandamn fight the forces of life-changing genie-incarnation," Wishaam warns, "because a new generation of jinn-changing spiritual creatures of many forms will create many new and unexplained wish-oriented planets in Superintendent Broadrix's image.

"Be warned. My genie valet, Wishgun, will begin churning out new genies from the magic pump lamp."

ElectroGenie, Wshaam's genie sidekick, tells him, "When Sandamn begins granting wishes to Superintendent Broadrix, Prof. Gunnington, Throck, Sean, Wayne and Jennifer, he's tranforming himself into new genie villains rubbing the genie pump lamp and revealing the names of some of the genie foes and their immense jinns.

"But where is Sandamn wrecking spiritual djinn havoc? asks ElectroGenie.

"Prof. Kuhbomb has the secret," Wishaam answers.

Prof. Gunnington, holding a wish commander pistol in his right hand, wishes, "Sandamn, I am a electro-sonar battle djinn who waves my wish commander pistol by consuming smoke tranfering to sand, forming a new generation of jinns intent on discovering one strange genie colony after another."

Sandamn shouts, "Wishaam!"

As Prof. Gunnington fires Sandamn with his wish commander pistol, the sand djinn receives super electro-magical wish bolts containing trillions and trillions and trillions of astonishing life-creating spells, wish dust particles and other substances created in the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School laboratory. Sandamn continues his infusion of those wish bolts inside Prof. Gunnington's entire body, allowing the wish particle-infused bolts to incarnate into a variety of genie foes who rub the indelible, magical flashing genie pump lamp to unveil more new jinns created by amazing blasts of electro-spiritual smoke.