Wishaam and Gunnerian begin their second successful strange world mission, as Prof. Gunnington explores the mysteries of imaginative combat, continuing his recently completed experiment into the land known as Kapow Village.

In Kapow Village, a secret city in which Wishaam completes every top-secret juvenile world of genie warfare ever known to childhood, Wishgun, an evil spirit carring various spellcaster guns and other magic-creating weapons devised inside these magical genie lamps and bottles, transform himself into any genie villain, object or creature through the power of an amazing invention known as the electro-magnetic magic genie pump lamp with flashing wish spell designs that change into new spells and create new lamps via steam and fire.

Sean right now is in Wishville, a magical city where genie-creating combat is being discovered every decade. When Wishaam, Wishgun and Mersilas, a magic wand-shaped genie foe waving thousands of wishing bolts pumping ouf the genie lamp and the genie pump lamp, respectively, meets Sean, Throckmorton and his fellow genie wizards, he says,

"Good morning, all of you genie wizards!"

"Gee, Mersilas! Hope my Brandmeier classmates will be transported into wish battle tanks," Sean replies.

"As your genie wand," says Mersilas, "my mission is to morph you, Throck, Ace and Professor Gunnington into any magical object imaginable."

"What now?"

"And you and your other Brandmeier Elementary classmates will be obsolete!" Mersilas points out while traveling to Kapow Village.

"ElectroGenie, please point your eletro-magnetic speeds gun at Mersilas, tells Wishaam, "and fire as many wish bolts at him as soon as possible."

"ElectroGenie, please help Mersilas wave at me and Wishgun - I wish Wishgun is able to change into any genie objects big, small and in all shapes, sizes and creature forms," Throck tells his genie wizards their next daily expedition.

"I dare you, Wishaam, to bring your Wish Gun along for our first year-long expedition," Mersilas assists.

"Wishaam!" shouts the genie wizards, as they fire wish spell bolts at Mersilas as he waves and shoots mystic teleportation waves, transforming the boys into wish revolver pump tanks.

"Continue firing those expedition bolts within a few hours and get ready to grant these wishes to Mercilas when Gunnerian pumps several miniature teleportation bolts at the wish revolver pump tanks," Wishaam assists ElectroGenie.