This genie is a talking integration villain shooting wish bolts at a human being capable of transforming him and/or her into countless objects.


My most mysteriously bizarre and highly controversial djinn in the Wishaam Wiki, the mighty Rumin8ionologist is a talking jinn in the form of the human brain.


These satirical genies, known as Snarks, in the form of mysterious creatures, can change themselves into any animal jinn granting top-secret wishes via teleportation.


These magic wand-shaped genie villains turn human beings of all ages into various objects.


Ponder8ors are human brain-shaped genies granting super wishing powers via the magic of electro-paranormal wish bolts.


Genies in the form of crossfire-shaped revolver wish guns.


Various jinns carrying electro-paranormal jolts to grant wishes in the form of human penises.

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