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  • Snark19641

    Here are some of the genies and genie baddies that you will meet when you visit the Wishaam Wiki.

    Zamuelsaauzage - In just the blink of an eye, Zamuelsaauzage transforms human being into any type of meat possible.

    Konqueress - She appears after this majestic genie goddess in the form of a unicorn holding a magic wand comes out of a magical genie pump lamp.

    Abu Gunphighter - The strange, supernatural genie with a revolver hand gun-shaped head and eight octopus arms delivers teleportation to each person who makes a wish. When Gunphighter grants three or four wishes, he sends beams of electro-magnetic energy, transforming him or her into any object.

    Prizzioner - This maxinum security jinn guards Wishaam and ElectroGenie and grants Principal Sturm…

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  • Snark19641

    Just as Wishaam emerges from a top-secret magic genie pump lamp, a new genie villian comes out of this hand-rubbing, steam-pumping wonder: Commissioner Doomadary is a mysteriously magical life-changing, teleportation-infused jinn in the form of a man with a rapid-fire cannonhead.

    As fans of the genie known as Wishaam himself creates, changes and battles jinn villains, Commissioner Doomadary fires lightning-fast puffs of fire to create and change jinns in the form of animals, human beings and many other exciting objects via electro-magnetic teleportation. Commissioner Doomadary's genie wardrobe comprises newly designed spells of wishing and exploration changing into any cryptic wish at all intervals.

    I am prepared to help Wishaam, ElectroGeni…

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  • Snark19641

    All New Wishaam Wiki Arc To Be Posted Every Day In December For 2 Incredible, Side-Splitting Weeks Starting December 1, 2012

    New Title: The Hands of Doomadary

    The exploits of Commissioner Doomadary, a magical genie foe attempting to battle the tyranny of the genie-zapping, life-changing and amazingly awesome paranormal spiritual villains creating one creature after another in the bizarre and wonderfully supernatural village called Doomland, are discovered in the Wishaam Wiki's new 17-par arc, The Hands of Doomadary, launching December 1 at

    In The Hands of Doomadary, Commissioner Doomadary grants more than 5,000 wishes to the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School's elite team of headmatsers and genie wizards - as they see…

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  • Snark19641

    Promote The Wishaam Wiki And Check Out The All New Original Fantasy Action And Adventure Arc The Wish Gun

    By Mark T. Watson, Moderator, Wishaam Wiki

    Now Wikia wiki creators will have the opportunity of a lifetime to promote the action, mystery and suspense of the mystical planet known as Wishville, where the inhabitants of the fictional genie education institution the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School experience strange new worlds and genie characters of all sizes, shapes and many other objects created by the nortorious genies Wisaam, ElectroGenie and the amazing genie nemesis Wishgun, on all consumer electronic platforms. Simply log on to and sign up for exclusive updates on how you can promote and share your mus…

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