All New Wishaam Wiki Arc To Be Posted Every Day In December For 2 Incredible, Side-Splitting Weeks Starting December 1, 2012

New Title: The Hands of Doomadary

The exploits of Commissioner Doomadary, a magical genie foe attempting to battle the tyranny of the genie-zapping, life-changing and amazingly awesome paranormal spiritual villains creating one creature after another in the bizarre and wonderfully supernatural village called Doomland, are discovered in the Wishaam Wiki's new 17-par arc, The Hands of Doomadary, launching December 1 at

In The Hands of Doomadary, Commissioner Doomadary grants more than 5,000 wishes to the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School's elite team of headmatsers and genie wizards - as they seek new misadentures, awesome pranks and life-changing weaponery. Wishaam and his genie partners ElectroGenie and Wishgun prepare for developmental strange-world creation missions involving the wizards and the genie enemies, paving way for a whoe new generation of incredibly wonderful genies of all types.

Check out genie-changing villains and all-new adventures in the Wishaam Wiki. And be sure to watch for the fourthcoming Wishaam Store at and,

beginning September 30, 2015.

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