Promote The Wishaam Wiki And Check Out The All New Original Fantasy Action And Adventure Arc The Wish Gun

By Mark T. Watson, Moderator, Wishaam Wiki

Now Wikia wiki creators will have the opportunity of a lifetime to promote the action, mystery and suspense of the mystical planet known as Wishville, where the inhabitants of the fictional genie education institution the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School experience strange new worlds and genie characters of all sizes, shapes and many other objects created by the nortorious genies Wisaam, ElectroGenie and the amazing genie nemesis Wishgun, on all consumer electronic platforms. Simply log on to and sign up for exclusive updates on how you can promote and share your musings concerning the Wishaam Wiki and nearly 500,000 other wiki sites and homepages on Wikia, the fastest growing mainstream wiki media outlet publishing tool in the world.

Once you are signed up for Wikia, you and other Wikia publishers will get a first look at my new Wishaam Wiki arc, The Wish Gun - this seven-part installment in the Wishaam saga depicts the exploits of an elite team of teachers, headmasters and genie wonderkinds traveling through a secret planet called Wishville, where Wishaam, Wishgun and

ElectroGenie battle genie villains and create bizarre worlds of imagination, mystery, suspense, action and adventure, as the evil Superintendent Broadrix and his team of teachers, mad scientists, adventurers, safety patrolmen and boy genie wizards explore new cities and mysterious weird and amazing planets where genie are created in spiritual combat every Monday through Sunday.

As a long-term committment to the incredible world of Wishaam and his genie sidekicks ElectroGenie and Wishgun, Wikia customers and publishers will have exclusive access to Wikia's Community Wiki, the Wikianswers wiki site, and never-before-posted original content, intrroducing fantasy/science fiction and fan fiction authors and wiki moderators new genie villains and brand-new illustrated Wishaam drawings and paintings. Wikia members will also get a first look at new Wishaam arcs annually, and the all-new Wishaam Store, which launches April, 2017 on the Web at, where wiki publishers will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise based on characters from the Wishaam Wiki, including toys, collectibles, trading cards, role playing games, novels and audiobooks, apparel, footwear, accessories, bedding, character dinnerware, playwear, video and computer games, novelties and artwork.

I look forward to all of the exclusive benefits of Wikia when you visit my wiki at, and .