Here are some of the genies and genie baddies that you will meet when you visit the Wishaam Wiki.

Zamuelsaauzage - In just the blink of an eye, Zamuelsaauzage transforms human being into any type of meat possible.

Konqueress - She appears after this majestic genie goddess in the form of a unicorn holding a magic wand comes out of a magical genie pump lamp.

Abu Gunphighter - The strange, supernatural genie with a revolver hand gun-shaped head and eight octopus arms delivers teleportation to each person who makes a wish. When Gunphighter grants three or four wishes, he sends beams of electro-magnetic energy, transforming him or her into any object.

Prizzioner - This maxinum security jinn guards Wishaam and ElectroGenie and grants Principal Sturm nine wishes through teleportation.

Whipper - Whipper is a supernatural jinn in the form of a cowboy who possesses amazing wishing powers, delivering miniature electro-magical bolts resulting in the transformation of humans into various objects just by using his cowboy whip.

Abu Penilator - He can grant three penile wishes at the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School classmates - and the boys can be turned into a penis pump!