The Tyranny Man arrives after dwelling in a top-secret lamp. As the Tyranny Man grants five-year-old Throckmorton Cobb his first wish, he says, "Greetings, Cobb! You're a jinn genius!"

As a boy, Throck asks the Tyranny Man, "What is my wish?"

The Tyranny Man gets Throck his first three wishes.

With his Tyrannt Neurolificator Gun, the Tyranny Man grants Throck three wishes:

"I wish I am searching for the djinns being navigated around Wishville."

"I wish I a a genie navigation tail gun."

"I wish I investigate the genie concealed in mythical tubes of spiritual conspircies."

"Wishaam!" the Tyranny Man shouts loudly in an outburst. 

As the Tyranny Man zaps Throck into a jinn navigation tail gun, over 100 bursts of fire blast him into this gigatic genie-warfare weapon.

The Tyranny Man is a snark jinn, sporting over 50,000 wish spell designs created by a mythical lamp.