Eyevan is zapping the surviving Brandmeier Elementary classmates into every object they can ever mention. But is this mission a priority?

Or is it Wishaam, whose priority is to stop Eyevan from transforming Principal Sturm into everything and anything else?

"I am granting you five wishes in order to continuing the genie-transforming battle in Wishville," says Eyevan.

"All right, Eyevan, I wish I could turn all the genies into their biggest alter egos with my magic pimp gun!" Principal Sturm requests.

"Wishaam!" Eyevan shouts.


Throckmorton, Shane, Superintentent Broadrix and Shawn surprise at Eyevan turning Principal Sturm into a pimp gun

- and have been impressed with this wish.

"I'll pimp you, Throck, Shawn, Mike and Broderick into any object with my top-secret pimp gun!" Principal Sturm commands.