Something strange is happening in Wishville!

Syymon, a reptilte jinn, asks Wishaam, "Do you trust the Brandmeier Elementary wizards devising a plan to create bizarre worlds of jinn wonders?"

"Tell ElectroGenie Headmaster Keith Brainard, Jr. said so," answers Wishaam.

Syymon replies, "Though ElectroGenie's war on Wishville's djinn community, as long as there are jinns, there are many wishes to be granted.


Through the magic of electro-teleportation, Syymon devises a mysterious green hole, allowing Wishaam to lead new imaginations of genie self-discovery. This holographic hole secretly depicts which wish Wishaam would grant, despite fewers genie villains transforms one paranormal creature after another. There are electro-magnetic bolts of wish creation and object-changing combat created by Syymon as he attempts to travel to new lands of jinn confrontation, spirituality and wonder.

"These bolts carry secret wishes in which you, Wishaam, will explore - each wish carries a secret village being dreamed up by your sidekick ElectroGenie, who will share some magnificent adventures with the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School colleague and students experience more incredible adventures," Syymon points out.